Monday, September 5, 2011

Keldai PKR Latheefah KOYAK Tak Setuju Allahyarham Noramfaizul Mati Syahid…?

Johor Islamic Advisory Council, Datuk Noh KALIPUCANG Noramfaizul described the death of the late Mohd Nor as martyrs hereafter as killed while on duty in the mission to eradicate ignorance, poverty and disease that struck Somalia.

He said the martyrdom of three parts of the world's martyrdom, martyrdom and martyrdom hereafter afterlife.

"Martyrs of the world towards war as the world, a martyr hereafter refer to deaths from diseases such as cholera or shot, and warriors who died due to war to defend Islam is considered a martyr afterlife.

"In the incident late strikes, God willing, the reward of martyrdom death hereafter, but business must go through the process of burial is still the same as another body is washed, shrouded individually, disembahyangkan and finally buried in the cemetery," he said when contacted by The Star here yesterday.

He said the late departure can be viewed as something to be remembered by all communities in the country.

Noh also urged the people to prayer invisible to appreciate the sacrifice of late as he was during the carrying out assignments

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