Monday, September 5, 2011

MAMPUS..! Khalid Gagap Puji Ronnie Liu Kerana Banyak Rumah Urut Di Selangor...,

"We looked at the issue of massage parlors are not yet commonplace, but it is a very serious issue. This is because the increase was significant with an increase of 85 per cent involved more than 200 massage parlors that exist in the state, "said President of the Malaysian Beauty Therapy Association, Dr Clara L Chee.

He said this when asked to explain the growth of massage parlors in the state where the event is disguised as a beauty salon and reflexology, as well as its existence is in the new city.

He said although the beauty center operators to acquire a valid license from local authorities (PBT), but most abuse the license by making a massage center, as well as offering sexual services.

"We fear that the problem will spread among the community because they offer a price as low as RM50 for one perkhidmatan.Jika problem is uncontrolled, it will be exposed to children, but also subscribed to university students," he said

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